Which option do you prefer?

Recruitment for a permanent position

We are specialized in searching for a suitable professional abroad as we see a lack in qualified personnel in Germany. In many countries, there are highly specialized IT-experts who are happy to provide their knowledge and would love to settle down in Germany.

Our mission is to bring both parties together.  We will take care of the regulatory requirements such as procurement for work visa, so that you can hire your desired personnel as quickly as possible and without any hassle.

Due to our large network, both in Germany and abroad, we will find the perfect fit for you.

Consultant for projects / Interim staff

Are you looking for personnel for a specific project or do you need interim support and IT expertise without increasing headcount? In this case we offer our IT consultants as external support.

We are able to provide our own staff on an interim basis. You simply pay an agreed daily fee and thus avoid fixed costs. This gives you the necessary flexibility in your everyday project work.

How does it work?

To find your ideal candidate, we use our well-developed network, our internal databases, but also modern media and tools. The first contact will be via us. Based on your specifications, we select the applicants carefully and thoroughly.

Initial interviews with the applicants will be carried out by us. In these discussions, we review both professional and social skills.

Afterwards we will provide you with the profiles of suitable applicants.

We are happy to take over the scheduling of interviews at your company so that you can fully concentrate on your daily business. Everything fits? Good for you and for us. Our biggest aim is your satisfaction and we will only stop when we have found the right candidate for you.

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