High level recruitment of IT-experts, not only for the IT-industry

We bring qualified IT professionals together with the most popular employers!

We are a modern recruitment agency that specializes in the placement of employees from the IT- industry. Our candidates normally come from Egypt or India, but we are also recruiting experts from anywhere else. Looking for IT-experts does not have boundaries any more. We are placing IT-specialists in all sectors, because every company nowadays needs IT-professionals.

IT-specialists from abroad very often have had an excellent education in their home country, at high-level universities. Our selection criteria and threshold is very high. Only the best candidates will pass our multiple step selection process. Our candidates do also have a high level of work experience, depending on their level of seniority.

We specialize in finding your perfect candidate. We identify the suitable candidate and support from application to visa procurement.

For employers

We are looking for the most suitable IT-specialists for your company. If you decide on a candidate from abroad, we will guide you and your future employee through the government jungle.

We accompany the application process from A-Z and finally take care of applying for a work visa. We are also happy to help arranging accommodation nearby your business location.

For employees

You are a highly qualified IT-specialist and you are looking for your dream job in Germany? We see ourselves as career managers and help you finding the ideal employer for you. Nothing hinders you of your dream career any more. Tell us what you are looking for and we will do everything we can to find a suitable job for you, based on your qualifications.

What is important to you? Colleagues, company canteen, flexibility and working from home? Talk to us about your preferences.